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Divorce Cases and the Private Investigator

At AssetSearchesNow.com, we know from experience that the best way to get the advantage in a divorce case is to show the other side is lying. The single best way to prove the other side has not been truthful is your private investigator.

You thought you only had to hire a lawyer to get a divorce, right? No — unless you are prepared to take your divorcing husband or wife as 100% truthful. You may have heard from friends and/or family that there is very little reason to assume your spouse will be truthful?

The Court will require both of you to fill out forms disclosing your assets. In California, these forms are the Schedule of Asset and Debts and the Income and Expense Declaration. The forms are invasive, difficult and confusing to fill out. But since everybody has to do them to get a divorce, let’s say you go ahead and do the forms. Maybe you even get your lawyer to help you.

But what happens when you receive your spouse’s forms?

  • Your spouse’s declarations might be filled with lies and incorrect income information
  • Your spouse might be hiding money in corporations
  • Your spouse might be having an affair and hiding the expenses
  • Your spouse might have been hiding money from you for many years

The only way to find out if any of the statements made by your spouse are true is to hire a private investigator. Lawyers call this “corroboration.” You can call it catching your spouse in a lie, or a series of lies.

To help in your efforts to confirm your spouse is truthful with you, a private investigator at AssetSearchesNow.com can do all of the following, and more:

  • Using records you already have, find other bank accounts opened by your spouse
  • Find property your husband or wife owns but never told you about
  • Watch your spouse’s movements, to establish where he goes and who he spends time with (this is called “surveillance”)
  • Find loans or obligations your husband or wife owes, but never told you about
  • Find cars, credit card accounts, bank and credit  union accounts you never knew about
  • And much more – contact us to discuss the possibilities in your particular marriage

These investigative tools are called asset searches and surveillance. They are the nuts and bolts of your divorce case.

Unless you are prepared to take your soon-to-be-ex-spouse as 100% truthful.

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