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Hard to imagine better service anywhere

Aug 02, 2017 by Ian

Since we found assetsearchesnow.com, we’ve never had to use another process service firm. They’ve met whatever challenges we’ve thrown at them, promptly, efficiently and economically. Hard to imagine better service anywhere.

I needed to have someone served in New Zealand

Aug 02, 2017 by Andrew

People who don’t deal with international law don’t know what kind of a headache it can be getting subpoenas served in foreign countries. I needed to have someone served in New Zealand, and, while no earthly force could make that happen quickly, Asset Searches Now’s team stayed on top of the case for us every step of the way. If any process service firm can expedite service in a non-Hague Convention country, it’d be assetsearchesnow.com.

can-do attitude

Aug 02, 2017 by Kevin

I called in Asset searches now’s team when our usual process server was unable to serve a highly elusive individual. They knew exactly how to handle people like that, and had the papers served by the next day. It isn’t every day that you find a can-do attitude like the one you get from assetsearchesnow.com

They got it domesticated and got it served

Aug 01, 2017 by Earl

Someone at our firm dropped the ball on an important subpoena that needed to be served in Arizona. Asset Searches Now’s people generally handle our local process service jobs, so we asked them if they could take the Arizona one. They got it domesticated and got it served. They actually made the out-of-state job easier for us than many in-state ones. I can’t imagine a more complete service of process firm than assetsearchesnow.com

I needed to launch an asset search investigation

Mar 17, 2016 by Roberto

I was told I needed to launch an asset search investigation but I had no idea what it was or how it would benefit my case. I went to AssetSearchesNow.com and got a free consultation with a lady named Ashley to discuss the details. That’s when I found out how easy and helpful an asset search investigation could be in my situation.

An expert investigator conducted background checks, financial checks, and even did surveillance to get to the bottom of my inquiry. It was discovered exactly what the person in question possessed and I was able to assess the likelihood of getting my money back. It turns out that an asset search investigation is pretty simple, and hiring a licensed private investigator is the way to go.

no obligation consultation

Mar 11, 2016 by Jacob

AssetSearchesNow.com has been in my internet “favorites” bar for months now. Not only are their fees extremely competitive, but they also offer a no obligation consultation before you begin any case. I usually talk to Ashley and she’s always been a big help. I’ve been able to conduct numerous asset search investigations with their help and it has made all the difference in numerous instances.

Locate the debtors

Mar 05, 2016 by Jim

There was a mountain of unpaid debts setting on my company’s accounting desk, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to even locate the debtors and get my money. It came to a point where the only thing I could do was hire a private investigator, so I went to AssetSearchesNow.com and had a chat with Ashley online.

Things happened quickly after my initial consultation, which didn’t cost me thing. A variety of methods were used to locate the debtors so I was finally able to quickly move forward with collecting my money.

Great job!

Mar 02, 2016 by Paul Exter

Assetsearchesnow did a great job for me. I was just about to sign papers to take on a new partner for my business. I had checked on some of the financials the guy gave me but I had a funny feeling. After they did some data base checks several large debts surfaced which I could not find on my own. Thanks for the good job!

Small-time lender in my community

Feb 16, 2016 by Samuel

I am a small-time lender in my community, which means a lot of people depend on me. That also means I have to be careful about who gets money and who doesn’t, so that the ones who truly deserve it can have it when it’s needed. I require the services of a private investigator on a regular basis, which is why Ashley from AssetSearches.com is on my speed-dial.

Before I lend out any money I make sure the applicant has the ability to pay me back in full. An asset search is always conducted and most of the time it keeps business running smoothly over here. AssetSearchesNow.com is where I always go, and I would suggest the site to anybody needed a comprehensive asset search investigation conducted on their behalf.

Hiring employees

Dec 14, 2015 by Rebecca

Hiring employees for my small business is tough in a limited job market, which is why I have to know as much as I can about a potential worker before I bring them on. AssetSearchesNow.com provided me with the info I needed to make the best decision, and they did it quickly and legally too. I even got a free consultation from a knowledgeable gal named Ashley, and the website had a round-the-clock live chat option as well. I’d use their services again in a heartbeat.

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