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Thank you Jim

Nov 10, 2015 by Charlie C.

I was looking for my father, he had left me and my mother behind twenty years ago, and with nothing but a name and some basic dated information they found him for me. I finally got to meet him, face to face, a man without having him. I just had to find him..but I felt resolved, and a weight lifted, and it was thanks to Jim of AssetSearchesNow.com.

$6000 judgement

Sep 11, 2015 by kenny h.

I had a $6000 judgement but he wouldnt pay up. I knew he had the money, so I hired Jim. They found the bank account, found the money and served the bank. I would refer them to anyone. I got my money and they did a job well done. Thanks!

My brother was about to file bankruptcy

Aug 15, 2015 by Bill

My brother was about to file bankruptcy on our family business and I wasn’t hearing it. He kept saying the business didn’t have the revenue to stay afloat, but that didn’t stop him from hopping on his luxury speed boat every weekend for a cruise around the bay. We all thought he was embezzling money from the business to fund his own excursions and we were right.

Before he filed bankruptcy, the other stockholders and I had a consultation with Ashley from AssetSearchesNows.com. We got things started and we found out that my brother had purchased numerous items using company money, including that precious boat of his. He was trying to sign the title of it over to someone else so he could bankrupt the company and ride off into the sunset with stockholder’s money. They caught him up in his own game before it was too late, and we were able to save the company from closing its doors because of his good work.

I had never hired a private investigator before

Jul 26, 2015 by Pepper

I had never hired a private investigator before, so I wasn’t sure how any of this worked. After visiting AssetSearchesNow.com and speaking with Ashley I felt like I had a good idea. On the website I was able to quickly fill out a request form and launch an investigation quickly. Someone contacted me back that very same day!

Ashley walked me through the process and made sure that my case qualified before I signed up for any services. By the time I paid my dues I was confident I was in the right hands. My mind wasn’t ever changed either. At the end of the investigation I was happy to have all the information I needed to move forth with my plans.

Asset search investigation

Aug 08, 2014 by Julie

My ex-husband and I were going through a nasty divorce and everything we owned as a couple was suddenly up for grabs. I knew he was hiding assets because half of the stuff I knew he bought never even came up during negotiation. I kept confronting him about it, but he would just laugh and say that I was being a gold digger. Either way, I wanted what was rightfully mine after dealing with him all this time.

One day he presented this weird looking document to my lawyer and we both thought it was a fake. So, at my attorney’s suggestion I looked up AssetSearchesNow.com and talked to a lady named Ashley. Long story short, I sprang for a private detective and began an asset search investigation immediately. It turned out the financial document he submitted was a forgery and he did in fact have hidden assets he wasn’t telling us about. My lawyer had a field day with him after that, and now that the divorce is final I couldn’t feel happier to be away from such a despicable man.

I went to AssetSearchesNow.com and got the real deal

Apr 16, 2014 by Thomas

I had recently visited one of those websites that claims to offer the most current and accurate information on a person or business. Instead, I ended up getting a bunch of nonsense data that didn’t help me at all. I should have known better, but I lost 50 bucks learning that lesson the hard way. So, the next time I went to AssetSearchesNow.com and got the real deal, starting with a consult with a smart woman named Ashley. The investigation costed a little more than those other websites, but that’s because an actual private investigator was handling my case. Totally worth the money if you ask me.

My sneaky ex-wife

Feb 19, 2014 by Zack

My sneaky ex-wife was trying to say that she only made a few hundred bucks a week and that I needed to pay more child support. I knew she had a brand new car, some property out of state, and a bank account that her mother set up for the children back when we were married. I couldn’t prove any of it though, and that was going to cost me big time in court.

So, I went to AssetSearchesNow.com and had a quick consultation with someone on their team named Ashley. I launched an asset search investigation shortly thereafter that and found out all kinds of helpful information – like the fact that she also had stocks and bonds she wasn’t telling anyone about. Talk about a gold digger! Big thanks to AssetSearchesNow.com.

Excellent PI Firm !

Feb 10, 2014 by karly k.

Overall I had a great experience working with this firm. They were very professional and helped me through my troubling times. Throughout the situation they made me very comfortable and assured me they would help me to the best of their abilities, which they did ! I was very impressed with how friendly and professional Jim was and I would definitely recommend this firm to anyone in need.

Asset Searches Now , USA 4.8 5.0 28 28 A client came to us with a divorce case after he had hired assetsearchesnow.com to find out whether his wife was cheating on him. Often when that happens, the law firm needs to hir

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