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The Private Investigator, Asset Searches and Collection Cases

Collection cases come in two flavors – consumer collection cases and commercial cases. Why the split? Consumer cases are regulated by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”), which has been enacted into both federal and state law. FDCPA does not apply to commercial cases. That means if a commercial business owes you money, the rules are less restrictive.

But both kinds of cases can be aided immeasurably by a pre-lawsuit asset search, conducted by a licensed, professional private investigator.

And, despite the restrictions of FDCPA in consumer cases, there is nothing in the law that prevents the person or business owed the money from getting an asset search.

What can an asset search tell the creditor about the debtor – about the person who owes the debt? An asset report from AssetSearchesNow.com will list and identify, in one report, all of your debtor’s assets and liabilities of a debtor, including:

  • The debtor’s employer, employer’s name and address
  • The debtor’s apparent income, including side income
  • The debtor’s real estate holdings
  • A list of motor vehicles registered to the debtor
  • Any unclaimed property held for the debtor by third parties
  • The debtor’s banking affiliations (when apparent from indirect investigation)
  • The debtor’s investments

These facts make up the nuts and bolts of collecting money. This is true whether a lawsuit gets filed eventually, or not.

Almost as important as what the debtor owns, is what the debtor owes. Getting a list of the debtor’s liabilities can lead you, as the creditor, to the following:

  • The debtor’s real estate mortgage obligations;
  • The debtor’s credit card bills;
  • The debtor’s obligation to pay child support or alimony;
  • Any tax liabilities or tax liens owed by the debtor;
  • Whether the debtor has judgments pending against them
  • Whether the debtor is subject to tax or commercial liens
  • Whether the debtor has filed bankruptcy in the last seven years (if yes, prospects for collection are improved, because the debtor may not be able to file again so soon)
  • The debtor’s net worth

Before you, the creditor, can decide whether to pursue a lawsuit or other legal remedies available to you, you need asset and liability information. You need a pre-lawsuit asset search.

There is virtually no other way to get accurate asset and liability information, pertaining to a debt owed by an individual or a debt owed by a commercial business, than to obtain an asset search report from a professional private investigator.

To start a professional asset search, contact a licensed professional private investigator at AssetSearchesNow.com for a free quote today.

Your rights are at stake. Do not delay.

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