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The Private Investigator, Surveillance and the Child Custody Case

In addition to assets searches, we do a great deal of surveillance work in child custody cases. Surveillance is a French word meaning “to watch from above”. So how can surveillance by a licensed private investigator help in a child custody case?

In child support cases, where the parents frequently detest and distrust one another, surveillance by an independent third party can break the tie between what he said and what she said. A professional private investigator is the person most in a position to give credible professional testimony about how the parents are spending their time, including any of the following:

  • Is either parent careless with the minor children, or mistreating them?
  • Is either parent exposing the minor children to a bad influence, like a substance-abusing new romantic partner, or a grandparent or other family with a dangerous lifestyle?
  • Is either parent abusing drugs or alcohol around the children?
  • Is either parent taking the children out of school, or defeating important after-school activities like sports, music lessons or counseling sessions?
  • Is either parent hiding the children from the other?
  • Is either parent molesting or harming the children somehow?

These issues evoke the most intense emotions possible. And in child custody cases, the test for which parent gets most of the custody is the “best interests of the child.” This standard is very broad. And the law gives the Court broad discretion to determine the “best interests of the child.” In California, the Judicial Council has provided some help to understand these issues. And California Family Code Section 3011 lists a number of factors the court must consider in these cases.

In a custody proceeding, the parents both submit declarations, usually accusing the other parent of the worst kind of wrongdoing. So who is the Court to believe, when making these crucial decisions about the children?

Surveillance – for example, watching the house, or following the husband to work, or filming the wife with her friends at a bar, or videotaping the husband at a barbecue in a park – all provide the private investigator the strongest basis for testimony to the court. A private investigator’s documented and/or videotaped observations can establish any or all of the following facts, based on surveillance of one of the parents:

  • Watching the father or mother drinking alcohol around the children.
  • Observing the mother or father speeding, driving recklessly, or otherwise endangering the children.
  • Seeing the father or mother leaving the children with someone, and going out partying.
  • Witnessing the mother or father in criminal activity.
  • Videotaping the father or mother mistreat, molest or harm the children.

And there are many more examples.

There is virtually no other way to get this evidence considered the court, than via a professional private investigator.

To start, contact a licensed professional private investigator at AssetSeachesNow.com for a free quote today.

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