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Why Would a Law Firm Outsource an Asset Search?

You signed up the client, you worked the case, you did the discovery, took the case to trial, won your client a verdict. Now it’s a judgment. You hope your support staff knows how to do judgment enforcement. You don’t want to disappoint your client. You realize you need a professional asset search private investigator, or asset search private detective.

OR: Your client called with a new case. The legal claim is strong. But is the case worth filing? Does the defendant have any financial ability to respond to an award of damages? Does the defendant have some compelling reason to settle the case?

ALL these questions come down to ONE question. Where are the defendant’s money and fungible assets? On the upside: cars, watches, bank accounts, investment accounts, bearer bonds, real estate, stock, Subchapter S corporations, trust deeds, inheritances. On the downside: bankruptcy filings, tax liens, judgments, UCC liens, assignment orders, administrative proceedings, lien sales, executions.

Reasons for your law firm to outsource a professional asset search:

  • You’ve won your client a civil judgment, but the judgment must now be enforced.
  • You are attorney of record for an estate, and the personal representative needs to show the Court due diligence in searching for estate assets.
  • Your client needs dependable financial information about the payor spouse, either during pre-trial investigation or post-judgment modification proceedings.
  • You client owns a business, and the client has asked you to help collect a big invoice.
  • You are preparing for trial in a case involving accounting, and you need information about the asset side of the ledger to cross-examine the key witness and/or opposing expert.
  • You represent a former employee with a wage-and-hour judgment, and the judgment debtor won’t pay.
  • You are preparing for a judgment debtor examination, and want to set a potential perjury trap for the judgment debtor.

In all these situations and more, you need to know where a person (or business) keeps their money. And there’s no yellow brick road to lead you to it.

We specialize in helping the attorney find the needle in the haystack. Our professional asset search private investigators and professional asset search private detectives know all the hiding places. We check for and find bank accounts, bonds, stocks, investment accounts, cars, trucks, real estate, sales commissions, inheritance checks, insurance policies and trust funds.

If your client needs to find the assets, and your firm has neither the staff nor the inclination to mount an in-house asset search, our professional asset search private investigators and professional asset search private detectives are ready 24/7 to start your search.

Call 855 293 3463 to arrange to reach a licensed, professional asset search private investigator to discuss your needs.

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