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Why would you need to search for assets?

Your need for an asset search is as unique as your life and business. Perhaps you have won a civil judgment, as yet unpaid, and money is owed to you. Or you need to find where someone might be hiding money. Knowing where the opposing party or your partner keeps their money and assets, and how much they have, empowers you—when you know you can prove the existence and whereabouts of money or a particular asset.

Reasons you might need to search for assets:

  • You’ve won a civil judgment, but the judgment debtor won’t pay you.
  • You are the executor of an estate, and need to find out where the money was kept.
  • You are involved in a divorce or child custody hearing, and the other parent’s income determines how much money you receive in support payments.
  • You own a business, and are considering bringing a lawsuit to recover money owed you.
  • You are a former employee, and your old employer owes you money it won’t pay.

In all these situations and more, you need to know where a person (or business) keeps their money. And there’s no yellow brick road to lead you to it.

In our legal system, it’s up to YOU to find the assets, to enforce that judgment, administer that estate, get appropriate evidence of your ex-spouse’s income, collect that invoice or those wages. If you’ve already got a judgment, the Court will use its power to help you, but (1) only if you ask; and (2) only if you know where to send the sheriff looking. Or maybe you haven’t got a judgment yet, but you just need to find the money.

We specialize in knowing where to look. Our professional asset search private investigators and professional asset search private detectives know all the hiding places. We check for and find bank accounts, bonds, stocks, investment accounts, cars, trucks, real estate, sales commissions, inheritance checks, insurance policies and trust funds.

If you need to find the money, our professional asset search private investigators and professional asset search private detectives are ready 24/7 to start your search.

Call 855 293 3463 to arrange to reach a licensed, professional asset search private investigator to discuss your needs.

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